April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Faith in Nature.....Earth Medicine


A very long time ago, I decided that I would no longer take chemical man made medicine of any kind or give it to my children. That was it as far as I was concerned and now I had to take things one day at a time and deal or treat each symptom or illness using only nature as my guide.

To be honest I was both scared and excited about my resolve. I knew in my heart it was the right way to go, especially for the sensitive nature of my children and myself. We would respond to gentle medicine and be uplifted through it’s use.


But first I needed to overcome one big obstacle, I had to learn to trust that these plants, berries, roots and shoots could be relied on and would do the job. Oh, the irony I see now after these many years of using herbs exclusively as my medicine.

Now I can look back and understand that the use of antibiotics, vaccines or others concoctions from my childhood had eroded my faith in nature and created a distrust for all medicine.

I also had to just get on with it to watch and learn as these herbs walked me through each healing episode or shift or life change while trust and knowledge was being established and rebuilt.

We are born with a knowingness that nature will help, support, feed, soothe, connect with and heal our bodies. This is in our DNA and is a part of who we are a humans living on this planet for these millennia.

What has been lost will be recovered, we just need to create the space for that to happen and then allow nature to once again take over the task of keeping us grounded, functioning optimally, balanced and well.

Nature has always had that job; she is our only doctor and healer and holds all the necessary ingredients to keep us moving in the right direction towards wellness, health and wholeness.

This planet contains and maintains a complete and universal health system for all stages and phases of our lives. Just living and being alive is not enough if we are blasted with nasty chemicals and toxins in the name of health or healing!

We must be able to return to our true nature, align with and be part of a healthy ecosystem inside and out. The only way we can do this is to completely give ourselves back to Mother Earth, to be cared for in every way.

She alone knows how to connect, uplift and work within the matrix of our tissues to enable us to move along our journey physically, emotionally and spiritually. No other form of health care is as complete or effective as earth medicine, nor is there anything else we require.