April Danann



Ride the Wave or Sit it Out


Today is day 6 of my detox and I am feeling great - in fact I am feeling far better right now then any other time I have done these cleanses...and this time around I am only taking herbal tea and water. So, go figure!!

We have been busy discussing how different we feel right now, just to compare these experiences - the main areas that have changed are in focus and clarity, but physically our energy levels are more steady and there are actually less negative symptoms.


So, this is a great way to go once the majority of the loose toxins are removed (from doing a few Master Cleanses), this gets at the deeper underlying tissues and issues. Which is what a cleanse or a detox is all about and makes it so worthwhile. 

When it comes to excess weight, health issues, emotional problems, negative patterns and all sorts of things that might hold us back - it is always the right time to deal with them. Over the years I have done all of the 'right' things to get moving forward, however nothing has worked quite like fasting.

The reason I have found it works so well is because your body, mind and spirit can focus on the work at hand - while your energy is not being diverted to other things. Of course, some of these other things would be digestion (takes up to 70% of our energy).

Right now the energy is also right to be moving forward - this is the year for change and it is taking place everywhere. We can't help but be swept up along with some of these waves of energy as they come rolling over us.

A cleanse will enable you to clearly see the direction you need to go, as well as some of the energy shifts taking place on the earth. You are then in a position to see, understand and decide what is best for you and to ride the wave or sit one out.

You can't lose.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.