April Danann



Sun Streams and the Soul 


We are off to a great start this week - the sun is shining! Need I say more? And it has been dry for a few days, so, even though it is quite cold - this fresh weather is very healthy and invigorating. I just hope it stays for a few more days....

Bright sun shine is like a tonic for the mind, body and soul. We never realise how much we miss it until it is gone from our lives - but also how much we need this healing light. Sunlight actually penetrates through the brain tissues into the glands in our heads.


How powerful is that? Actually reminds me of New Grange....sunlight pouring into a small crevice, but once inside it illuminates an entire precious room full of ancient memories. Surely this is significant in every way for our very human existence.

Sunlight removes the shadows - burns off the darkness and pours healing balm on the soul.

So, today if you can (make the time) get outside, fresh air will do your body good. If there is sun - this early spring sun shine seems to be very special - take advantage of every healing ray. It's as if a sun stream has been sent down to us here on earth to restore our souls.

Of course, once I am outside I always wander into the garden - there is so much to be done (an endless passion!) however I can sense the plants soaking up this sunlight in the same way we do. All life and living things need sunlight - in order to grow.

We need it to heal and grow as well - but not only physically - our mental, spiritual and emotional health are very dependent on the sun. And anything that uplifts the body does the exact same thing for the rest of our inter-dimensional selves.

Enjoy the day!


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.