April Danann



Parasite Cleanse - Taking Out the Trash


Well it probably about time I called my fast for what it is -- I am on day 8 of a parasite cleanse. I would only do this after many (many!!) other types of cleanses over the years because I am well aware of how only taking water (and herbal tea) can release a lot of toxins into your system.

However, that being said, I am feeling great, perhaps because I was so well prepared, very well nourished and more then ready to tackle these parasites once and for all. How on earth could someone with such a pure diet for most of a decade have parasites....

They feed off of sugar, rubbish foods, toxins and acid environments - of which I have not taken in or had in many years. But there is one major difference here - anyone who has had some form of cancer most often has to deal with parasites sooner or later.

I have known, about these little nasties, and tried absolutely everything over the years to get rid of them. I eat a ton of garlic, have chewed raw pumpkin seeds, taken herbal remedies - detoxes, cleanses - sugar free, organic, toxin free - and they still persist.

So, this is it. I am finally in a position where I feel quite confident my body is able to reduce and eliminate quite a few of these dark beings from my system once and for all. And when I want something this bad - I go for it! LOL

To be really honest here - I am feeling physically much better then when I do my Master Cleanses. But I think that is mostly because I have done so many, my body can't possibly be overly toxic, so now it is just to focus on the parasites.

I will keep you posted on how I do - but it's already working - so I am off to a great start! 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.