April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



Just Below the Horizon of Thought


Today is one of those days that gives me lots to think about - it's as if something very deep needs to come up to the surface. But it's not quite ready yet - I can sense it stewing away just below the horizon of thought...

I have been busy cleaning out the garden from the weeds that seem to magically appear during the winter months. It is quite a task! Trying to remember what was plant and sort out where the garden stops and the weeds begin.


This always seems to bring things up for me somehow. Deeper levels of energy that have been long buried and perhaps mostly hidden from view - start to come into focus when ever I allow my thoughts to wander freely.

And I really enjoy these days...especially when there is actual heat in the sun and you can see the length of each day grow as the weeks go by. It's nice to be alive in the spring - when all of earth re-gains her purpose and meaning. 

If I have only learned one thing since Solstice season it is this - do not be afraid of what comes your way. Chances are you have created it - besides it's always an opportunity to clear away old patterns, beliefs, worries and to face those fears full on.

Some times I wonder if I tried hard enough, I might be able to see the future...my future. But - alas I cannot. Like most good things, I should be able to tell my future by what I create today. If I am building a framework for something, then in reality it should fall into place piece by piece as time moves forward.

When this doesn't happen (fast enough or in the right way) there is obviously a block of some kind. Now this is when our work begins in earnest. Our task more often then not is to overcome and remove these obstacles - rework our dreams and keep moving forward.

It's that simple...


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.