April Danann



Anything is Possible....Believe 


When you are following a dream sometimes it is best to just get up every day and even when on autopilot - keep going. These familiar habits and patterns will work to propel you along during the rough times - when it seems as if you have lost your way.

On a path or journey - there is an internal map, guided by destiny - which serves to keep us all on track. So, even when it doesn't feel like it, you are following your path, you are in the right place and things are happening in real time for you.

Our bodies are like that too. I remember learning this fact over the years many times - it is working, change is taking place and healing is happening - even when it doesn't seem or feel like it. It is up to us to hang in there through whatever comes our way and trust our bodies to do what it needs to do.

Personally I have had several occasions to learn these lessons. When sick (with cancer) and through loss (miscarriage etc.) but nothing more then through the challenges of the mind. For me those times when I have really been tested seemingly beyond myself, have been when my body is fighting inside and some outside forces have been controlling my mind.

How can this be you might be asking? Well....

The situation of television, radio and each of these outside influences such as deeply ingrained patterns of worry, stress and fear. I often refer to them as the 'overmind' - something each of us has taken on during our lifetimes that has the upper hand.

Kind of like a devil inside of us - you know the one giving the bad advice, lacking consciousness and generally trying to get us to go the wrong way. Anywhere away from health, healing, prosperity and peace of mind.

This too must be overcome along the path we are walking. And it is not an easy task to do - yet, anything that is asked of us, is doable and can be done....all we need to do is keep walking, keep eating the right foods, drinking clean water and listening to our bodies.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.