April Danann



Rise Up, Rise Up!! Hope Lifts Us.....


Today has been interesting for me - on several fronts. First of all, it was sunny and mostly clear - that's always a good start. It only rained for a short time, so everyone was happy with that. All this rain (all the time) is starting to spoil the party... 

Then I was puttering around the house (actually cleaning everything that wasn't nailed down) and I was watching my thoughts. Something like a door had opened recently for me and I had been deliberately saying to myself - I won't get my hopes up.


And today I caught myself thinking it, saying it and actually believing it. 

Wow - it blew my mind. These simple words - I won't get my hopes up. Are really not so simple, and have proven to be quite dangerous to me, in a poison dart kind of way. These words have the power to penetrate deep into our minds and then cause problems.

And I am talking about big problems - a deeply entrenched pattern of hopelessness, is a dark hole to fall into and tough to get out of. When we are saying, thinking or feeling something even remotely similar to despair, our energy gets pulled down to this level.

So, today I stopped myself as I was saying these words and turned them right around. It is time to get my hopes up. Let them soar as high as they can go. I can also dream, wish and imagine right along with these hopes and let them set some part of me free.

There is always, always and forever -- hope. The day we wake up and realise we have no hope, well - what then? Of course there is hope, for as long as we have breath in us, as long as there is sun (or rain) in the sky and for as long as day follows night....

Never let anyone take away your hope - there are days (and weeks sometimes) that this is all we have - but when we have it - we have everything we need. Because from hope grows an energy so pure -- it can actually pull us along with it, raising our vibration as we move up to meet our dreams.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.