April Danann



Negativity is a Disease....


Well, it all started like this....it was a cold dark day, not unlike any other heavy energy....but that's not what happened. In fact, that sounds like the opening line of a novel and this is no book (well, in a sense it is) this is our life.

I sent my son off to find some information about a fish - we are doing a small homeschool project and decided after re-arranging the turtle tank that the little reptile might be lonely, so a fish as a companion might be in order.

After doing some preliminary research on the internet he discovered many people who mentioned keeping fish with their turtles for company and of course, as many different types of fish too. So, they went to the pet store to find some fish that would be happy in a warm turtle tank...

Only to be severely dissed and nearly laughed at by the pet shop owner. My son came home deflated - but not for long. He knew inside of himself that this adult (who somehow set herself up as an authority on all things turtle) was completely wrong. 

He went back to doing his research just to re-affirm this fact for himself. And then completely dismissed this adult as being negative and not knowledgeable enough to advise him on his turtle.

This incident has been a huge eye-opener for me. First of all, in how many ways have I been subtly and not so subtly, told - you can't do that, or this doesn't work or there is no way you can move forward from where ever it is you might find yourself?

And - what is far worse - in how many ways has some of this negativity sunk in. Been getting through my exterior filters and seeping into the soft energy underneath? Well, let me tell you something - my children have taught me a lesson in the value of persistence and something else altogether....

They have shown me how, once again, even when someone else (who considers themselves an authority) says it can't be done - most often it can. And perhaps it can not only be done, and done well, but can be life changing, healing and uplifting at the same time.

Today I am back tracking - there are a couple of projects I had shelved last week because someone told me it couldn't be done....well I am doing them. And 'no' 'can't' or 'fear' is not a part of this equation....

Have a positive day,