April Danann



Integration Energy - Calling Us Home 


It's another Monday and a chance to have a great start for this week - and I like new beginnings. So, it's a great day to be here. It's also sunny (sort of) and not raining (all the time) at the moment - which means we are off to a good start...

Today the energy is strange - in that it is changing yet again. There is so much around us that is new right now - a lot of higher level vibrations have been arriving or releasing around the earth. I am certain this has to do with so many people on the earth seeking change.


What you are seeking - is also seeking you.

This is such a profound statement and I've no doubt that it is quite true. Whatever it is we are searching for in this lifetime here on this planet....is also searching for us. Perhaps we have already found it - or are in the process of bringing it all back together into the one place.

That is the most important thing about following our dreams, being on our paths and even being right here at this time on earth. Now is the time - we have an opportunity for total integration. This simply means a coming back together of the self.

At no other time in our history have we either been so disconnected within, while being offered this unique opportunity to find the rest of ourselves and our families - so we can be complete; outwardly. Of course, you have to accept what is yours and not go looking for something that doesn't belong to you.

For a lot of us this will mean finding the family of origin (the people we arrived on this planet with). Our place in the sun - it's been there all along, calling our names, written in our DNA and pulling us towards home.

It's going to be a great day!


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.