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Solstice Blessings... a Few Thoughts on A Gathering of Women


If you want things to change in your life, you have to create the space for that to happen….

Solstice Blessings....a Few Thoughts on A Gathering of Women.

We, each of us in the divine feminine, are in dire need of the company of other inspirational women. Perhaps our psyches remember a time when we gathered during the phases of the moon, the changing of the sun and during shifts in nature.

This time, it’s different.


Women all over the planet have spoken #metoo and are taking back their spirituality, sexuality, creative force and empowering themselves as they move towards #neveragain.

The term solstice is derived from the Latin scientific term solstitium. Containing the Latin sol– meaning “the sun” and sistere meaning “to make stand.”

Perhaps it referred to the way the sun seems to stand still for a time on the Solstice, or maybe it has something to do with our mystical connection to nature; far beyond our modern day thinking.

Sisters….it is time to stand together with Nature

Women on the earth are waking up, thinking about the circumstances of their lives and making a decision to not waste their time around people and in situations where they are not comfortable, or respected or safe.

When people come together to join hands, hearts and minds – they infuse themselves with a special form of elemental magic older than time, and beyond human memory.

This magic is a type of keening; but instead of lamenting what has been lost, we are creating a space, in time and calling forth the energy of creation. In that space, we welcome transformed pieces of our souls, shining slivers of our essential nature that have been hidden for millennia.            

We all want to invite magic back into our lives, we all want to know ourselves more deeply and to delve into the secrets that we know our bodies have carried from ancient times…..

The key word here is and has always been; TIME

It is our time to rise, the time of being hidden, down and without; is past – when we stand in our power, when we work with the energy of the earth and listen to our inner voices; we reconnect to that vital force inside of us.

When women gather in sacred ceremony……only magic can happen. 

April Danann