April Danann



Shifting Consciousness on the Planet


Wow – snow flakes, icy cold temperatures, blustery wind and it feels more like Christmas then nearly mid March. It’s a bit of a strange feeling overall – the weather changed very quickly, which to me always means something. 

Just what it means – is interesting. I have long thought of earth's weather as reflective of earth events or the energy that tends to be generated with different happenings here on the planet. Everything has meaning - there are no random events.


It is very much an indicator of our consciousness as well.

So, this is where we are at right now – a tremendous shift in consciousness is taking place – some old energy vampires are leaving their posts and we will all benefit from it one way or another. It is a remarkable time to be here on the planet - at least for those of us who are willing our energy to come back in perfect alignment with our purpose.

All of which takes work, dedication and the willingness to be here during these incredible energy changes. And we are each of us, making them happen with the various things we do to heal, shift and change our own lives.

Right now I am on day 21 of my parasite cleanse – some days are fairly tough – not necessarily physically or what I would have expected. This one is mental, requiring 'mind' resources and stamina.

Of course persistence doesn’t hurt either – and I usually have lots of that. I am looking forward to when this is over and we have our feast days at the end of the month however and as thinking, planning and dreaming of food – as usual!

And of course , this week I will be cooking, baking and preparing for when this detox is done….but my real curiosity lies in how I will feel afterwards – if I have indicators that parasites are gone and if I feel different from before I started.

Time will tell….


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.