April Danann



Clearing Out Darkness From Within


Today has been a busy one – we had our Bee Keeping class in Loughbeg Farm and it was fun – the kind of day when you feel pleasantly tired at the end of it and ready for rest.

A lot has been going through my mind these days however as I move along each day of this parasite cleanse….when a person is not busy digesting food, the mind is free to ‘digest’ all the emotions, patterns and issues that rise to the surface.

I am feeling things moving and changing however – but one other thing that I am quite pleased about is how I am understanding and getting underneath how these parasites work and affect our well-being.

They are quite devastating overall to our bodies, mind and spirits – perhaps we don’t really know how deeply they affect us and wear us down. But, the operative word here appears to be ‘wearing’ us down.

When ever there is a parasite in our body – perhaps in the wrong place, where it has too much opportunity for being well fed, or has embedded into the gut wall very deeply – we are undernourished. 

What is worse, we are underfed in our minds as well as our spirits because these parasites stop at nothing short of taking everything (at least the best of everything) for themselves.

Our bodies contain all vital resources necessary for a long and healthy life on this planet – when we are well fed with wholesome food and water. If we were free of these life force stealing creatures – that life would be far richer and more rewarding.

Any time spent clearing out such darkness from our bodies is time well spent. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.