April Danann



We're Not Happy - Until You're Not Happy


Today is a detox day – when you are doing a cleanse you just learn to recognize these dips, changes and shifts in your energy. For one thing I did not sleep well – loads of dark dreams and am feeling very tired today….

So – it’s a day to get through as best I can, process all that is coming up and know that this too shall pass.

Actually – when I look at the positive side of this day, at the very least, my detox is working! Might as well not fight it.


One word I woke up with tumbling through my mind was suffering. I have long thought about this fear based concept and wondered about it and watched it play out in my life and nearly everywhere else. Because, well before the recession, depression, world wide money shift – we witnessed suffering.

Now however, there is so much more of it – and in far more people then ever before. Actually it is shocking how much has been placed on to ordinary people by those in power – knowingly increasing their suffering.

Of course, being an intuitive it is easy to see far more in this and it is quite sinister indeed. Suffering (and all other negative emotions based on fear) creates energy spikes in our energy fields.

These can be viewed as electrical hot spots - which give off little bursts of electrical magnetic frequency. Of the human kind, unique to those of us who belong on this planet. 

The sort of energy dark beings, entities and energy drainers can feed off of. 

The energy vampires are hard at work – creating a widening net of suffering to capture, fill up on and gorge themselves on this fear. It’s like a currency of sorts – but more then that – it’s a terrible distraction.

So, while we are all driven to our distracted realities, our energy is vacuumed up. Reminds me of something I heard said long ago…..

We’re not happy, until you’re not happy.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.