April Danann



B Vitamins Coming Back After Parasite Cleanse 


The weather has changed and that usually signals an energy shift on other level of our awareness – it can also tell us, when we are listening and paying attention, that it is time for us to do something different as well.

With this in mind, I decided to do another short cleanse (fasting) during the coming week or so. And once this was decided last night – I felt so good, like I was moving forward again – or more precisely that I had just sped up a bit.


I also enjoyed fabulous dreams last night as well….my theme this week has been jewelry again. I say again because for many years some of my most memorable dreams have involved rings, but mostly bracelets and anklets.

And of course, I love jewelry, always have, always will. I usually think of these dreams in terms of change coming, but also levels of learning. With the pieces of jewelry representing stages or grades attained along the way.

Perhaps (and I’ve no doubt) my greatest amount of learning is right in front of me – I am certain it will be an interesting time at the very least. 

What is funny is how after my last 30 days parasite cleanse (which was so difficult by the way) I felt at the time,

I might never do another one! LOL So, here we are, now, ready to go again albeit, stepping lightly around it this time.

But not for 30 days, a much shorter time frame is planned – but still on water and herbal teas only. This is the only way I have ever found to bring my gut back into balance. And as a Clinical Nutritionist, I would never recommend something, I myself have not tried or do regularly. 

To be honest, after so many years of living this way – a few days spent fasting to achieve this level of good health – is always worth while. And, overall – I feel great, we are strong, our guts work, our immune systems are functional, our bones and teeth are healthy (I sound like I am selling a puppy!)…

I can’t think of anything more important than good health and a strong mind, that goes along with it. One thing that stands out to me since doing my parasite cleanse is how far my reserves have built up over the weeks since. 

My B vitamins in particular have really come back up and I am fully aware of how much more energy I have. But other little things have changed - my ears (hearing) are clearer, my skin is a little different, I sleep more soundly, my hair is nicer (I keep getting comments on the fact I am not gray for my age), and these dreams!!!

All indications are full steam ahead, It's onwards and upward for us, then!