April Danann



Breaking Through Parasitic Energy Patterns...


I am still moving ahead – day 25 today of this parasite cleanse – and feeling a bit tired today. For the most part

I am taking it fairly easy, resting when necessary but for the most part it’s life as usual.

One thing has become quite clear over these past few days however which I am finding very interesting – and that is I am aware of where the parasites are located. I can sort of feel them.

And perhaps I have for a long time – a few general areas where they are likely to be concentrated such as the bowel, stomach and some muscle tissue. I am looking forward to having these areas much clearer as well.

Right now it’s as if there is still a phase of die off – I expect there to be something again around day 28 as well.

In keeping with the parasite life cycles – the wormwood tea will have them dying off at a steady rate.

Some things that are coming up for me are more draining relationships in my own life and especially in the work I have been doing. Energy is often going out but not coming back in equally to balance the equation.

Of course this is something I have long wanted to address and now hopefully will get at the roots of more of these energetic patterns that have pulled me down for so long. 
And it’s also about personal power – when we are standing in our own power we are more free to make appropriate choices to reflect our own expectations but more importantly our needs and wants.

How many times in a day do we do things we would rather not do (and no I don’t mean housework LOL) – perhaps it’s a job or another relationship situation that has been unhealthy in some way yet we feel we cannot remove ourselves from it.

This is classic parasitic behaviour – we feel used, pulled down, the life sucked out of us. And as if there is nothing we can do about it. Perhaps it is time we did….


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.