April Danann
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Water Fasting - The Spaces in Between


Another day is done – and I am still going here. This is quite a different cleanse then anything else I have ever done in my life, probably. Certainly in terms of my health. 

Yesterday I was mulling this over a bit to see if I could articulate how it is so different and the only way I could describe it is to compare a water fast to space exploration.


While a master cleanse is like a journey to the centre of the earth. One takes you inwards – which is appropriate for what we are trying to achieve with any such body detox.

However, a water fast takes you in another direction – this time out into the spaces in between. It’s remarkably different from anything else – perhaps with only water as the medium or method of travel there is only one way to go and that is into the places where the vast majority of the water resides in our bodies.

So – today is day 24, I have lots of detox symptoms, but again they are not severe and slightly different from other types of cleanses. This time around it’s all about my stomach – which I have not usually had issues with but….

Over the years I would have been aware of bloating, wind, hunger even when not hungry and a gutted feeling at times, especially when stressed. I have also been aware of how much power has been seeping out of this area….

All of this has been coming up to the surface for me this time around and it is interesting to say the least. Part of some deeper patterns of stepping forward into who I am – especially when it comes to feeling empowered.

Well – it’s onwards towards another day – let’s see what that brings! 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.