April Danann



Rising Consciousness 


Today it is day 23 of my cleanse and I am feeling pretty good – albeit a little spacy – but that has far more to do with these weather changes then anything else…as well as being in the final stages of this clearing - in the world? 

You can actually sense things swirling and shifting around us – it is uncanny. And it all comes down to higher levels of awareness or consciousness. These days with all the ‘stuff’ coming down the pipe line this might be a rare commodity indeed.


So what exactly is consciousness? Have you ever wondered about that – I certainly have and keep wondering as I see so much around me clearly of something lower altogether.

Consciousness has come to be something much talked about and even preached about but – yet not many of us have even come close to being in control or even having our own consciousness.

Why this is – is simple. It is being stolen and has been for as long as we have been on this planet in our current form of complete disparity. When there are unequal relationships between men and women, within families, in our communities, classes, castes and social groups – something is not right with our inner levels of awareness.

When humans wake up, are enlightened about the world around them, when their place in this world and their purposes here are revealed – this brings with it a certain consciousness, something better to replace all that has held us down for so long.

Something greater that lights the way and erases the dividing lines between us all. As long as we have such displays of archaic patriarchal power such as is currently being splashed across screens, newspapers and media around the world – higher forms of consciousness take a back seat.

The rise of humanity must include each one of us – females as well as males, child and adult – it is not and has not ever been reserved for those in fancy dress, with trappings of great wealth. There is none closer to god then another and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.