April Danann



Herbal Remedies on A Parasite Cleanse


Today feels like a clean slate – a bit of a new beginning for me. Perhaps because my insides are once again clearing out, becoming squeaky clean – only this time hopefully freer from parasites then I have ever been before.

Right now I am drinking wormwood tea, cloves and a few other herbs to encourage more of a die off and am continuing to discover some interesting things about these yukky critters. Just when you thought you knew enough LOL!


Of course – none of it should surprise me! – I was a food hygiene inspector for a few years and saw nearly everything there was to see, at that time anyway, when it came to pathology in animals and have inspected every sort of animal, except horses.

However, even though I know parasites can invade any organ, tissue and there are even some which feed directly off of the cells themselves….I had a bit of a mental block when it came to transferring that knowledge to apply to our human bodies.

So….these nasty creatures could be anywhere – in any organ, feeding away…but what is far worse is they release toxic residue and cause acidic environments where ever they are.

They also encourage candida, fungal overgrowth, various viruses and poor bacteria growth in the body.

Mainly because their presence lowers and interferes with immune function. And we haven't even gotten to the chronic undernourishment - it's no wonder so many are sick and tired...

None of this creates a picture of abundant health! Now you know why I am so keen on reducing their numbers and eradicating them as much as possible. I have even come to realize how the last remaining little hot spots of inflammation around my body are related to parasites….

This alone is enough to push me forward – onwards towards my goal of 30 days with this water fast, and I am nearly there. It’s all good.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.