April Danann



Parasite Cleanse Is Over - Back to Food!! 


I just enjoyed my first bowl of porridge in 30 days – it was like manna from heaven. Today and last night was juice day as we readjust our guts back to some solid foods and start to get back to eating again…

Thankfully we all love and enjoy any kind of soup and stew – so this part is always easy. Besides, I have done this enough times that I something think my body has no problems coming back quickly from a detox.


This being said….my last cleanse was by no means ordinary. Actually not one thing about it was the same as any of the other detoxes or cleanses I have completed to date. And I have nothing to really compare how I am feeling right now, to. 

So – I am already picking this one apart and we are busy chatting about what exactly was different about this cleanse and more importantly – what has changed for us by doing it.

My first thought is that I will never be the same again. I remember feeling like this when I had completed my 40 days Master Cleanse as well. And of course, I was right - I had changed. But this one is different yet again.

Today what I can say about doing a 30 day water fast is that it has been a zeroing out – we feel as if we have been brought back to a starting point in some way. As if our bodies are beginning again from an entirely new level. 

That’s one thing, the other more significant aspect of this is how depleted I find myself to be. Which surprises me, yet somehow doesn’t. It surprises me because I have spent many years only eating organic, exercising, focused on healing and eating well.

Yet, with any amount of parasites present in my gut – I wasn’t the one being fed the main (best) part of each meal. They ate very well over these past few years and I hope to start seeing/feeling the results of not having them around. 

Time will tell. Right now I am completely focused on building up my body and eating for the next few days – everything in sight! LOL


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.