April Danann



More Then A Transition....


Today has been a busy one so far – I am just enjoying this wind storm and the sound of the rain on the windows…it’s interesting how sounds, like smells can wake something up deep inside of us, isn’t it? For some reason, the sound of rain has meaning and memories for us all...

I have been listening deeply to, paying attention and wondering what exactly has been waking up deep inside of me – it certainly feels as if something very ancient has been making it’s way up towards the light. I can physically feel the changes taking place.


Right now I can sense it is some part of me that I have long since pushed down – fearful of it. And it wasn’t even my own fears…go figure. Late last night I stayed up to do some baking and to just be on my own – working away at sorting this all out.

I love having an evening like that. A few hours here and there - seem so precious at times when you have small ones at home - and are to be enjoyed when the house is finally sleeping soundly. It's as if that's the time we get to observe what has gelled and come together. 

If feels as if I am more myself right now then ever before, but only the day before I thought I might never be myself again after this last cleanse. There is far more of my present now on this planet so this detox has certainly brought something forward from very long ago.

These first few days back after any long cleanse such as this one are always an important part of the process and far more then a transition. This is the time the work of the cleanse falls into step with the life we are living.

Or else it steers that life into another direction. Right now I can see how more of my life is here, I am feeling alive inside and out – and I know that whatever it was that was holding my gut back, has left the building.

It’s a nice feeling.