April Danann



Water Will Break Through... High Vibration Water


It’s another lovely day here – warmer wind at least and I am out into the garden again as well as cooking a wonderful meal for us all. I just love days like this as I am sure everyone does….however…

There are undercurrents of discontent or negative energy around – coming in across the air waves so to speak. Right now I am finally taking the time to sort out exactly what is floating around and it feels like another form of darkness.

april-danann-vibrationa- medicine.jpg

I refer to it as another form of darkness because there are so many…yet they might all be lumped together into the one empty pit, which I call Energy Vampires. But we would be naïve to think there is only one form of vampire, energy or otherwise.

There are indeed many – I am still working my way through them, as I am certain they are finding more ways to hide in the Energetic Field. There are parasites, manmade viruses, nasty bacteria, lowlife worms and species of candida we can’t even name.

Of course then we take this dimension of existence and overlay it onto our waking life and we get the exact same types of energy drainers in human form. But on an identical scale – if it’s inside of us, it’s equally outside of us.

So – what has this got to do with the dark strands of energy floating around the place right now? It is on the move around the planet at the moment some of the key hiding places have just been discovered and now energy must be moved to new ground. 

It also streams around the place looking for new hosts – but thankfully it is dissipating in my own life, with some ‘high vibration’ water I have been making as well. Remember – water is our primary healer, the bringer and giver of all life. 

Our task is to fill our bodies with the highest vibration water possible…but also to work hard at raising our own vibrations through food, exercise, following our dreams and then keep it there in that new place. 

High frequency water will shift, heal, uplift and transform your body from the inside out….and it will affect all tissues including those pulled down through inflammation and dysfunction.
But perhaps the best part of all this, high vibration water will have these Energy Vampires running for their lives.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.