April Danann



Energy Field Repair.... Very Important for Us All


Another sunny (but cold) day here – not complaining though! It was nice to see the sun as much as we did – we all need it more then anything at this time of the year. Our bodies, minds and spirits need to replenish and that is what springtime is all about….

Finally it seems as if we have broken through the barrier to renewed life. The long winter is over and there is growth (and abundance) all around us. I have been enjoying some of this early harvest for a few weeks now and it has made a difference.


One thing I cannot stress enough to anyone who will listen, though – when spring is here, find ways to get nettles and dandelions into your meals. If you happen to be in West Cork – let me know, I make a lovely Butterfly Juice which is full of the goodness of nettle and better than wheatgrass.

I mention this wonderful herb because of it’s role in healing our energy fields. There is not one of us on this planet who doesn’t have some kind of damage done to their fields. And often that damage has occurred right at the root or base (source) of our fields.

A few years ago I started mentioning to other practitioners how I was seeing quite a few people without energy fields at all…some people were born without them (due to toxins or birth trauma etc.) while others had been so damaged during their lives, they had fallen away.

If you have not noticed this yourself – take a second look. In my work, I routinely scan for damage done to the energy field. It is always there – any form of toxin, trauma, chronic stress and fear can rip apart our energy fields at the seams (which will manifest in several ways). 

But the worst of it is this – we no longer take the time, have the energy resources or reserves to naturally rebuild or repair this vital human function either. This is extremely serious and we should be taking immediate steps to remedy the situation when this is the case.

The reason this is so important? All illness, dysfunction, disease and all manner of unpleasantness begins in an unprotected energy field. Your body is not functioning properly when your energy field is damaged – no matter how healthy you feel you may be.

Take steps today to begin the process of healing and sealing up your energy field – this work is vital to your health and well-being here on this planet. And, a fully intact energy field is even more important when you work in the healing or therapy professions in any way. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.