April Danann



Filling the Void - with more of myself 


Today has been a day of deep magic – a lot has changed and shifted for me in a very short period of time. I have been fasting during the daytime – usually until I can sense a shift in my energy and then eating a small meal at the end of the day. 

The reason I mention magic is because that is exactly what it feels like…it’s as if something other worldly yet quite wonderful has emerged out of the darkness, but it is of such a creative energy and bursting with potential.


From where I am standing right now, it seems as if this part of me or these aspects of my being have been cloaked and closed off for a very long time. The work I have been doing recently – such as taking my food to a whole new level (wild harvested etc.) – has been opening up an entire new dimension within myself.

I am still not entirely certain all that will emerge out of this – I know it has to do with my lifetimes past – the person I was in other times and the pieces of me that had been put down because of my beliefs and my work with herbs, energy medicine and intuition.

Perhaps more of this ancient knowledge will re-form in my sub-consciousness as I am continually freed from the constraints of times past – fearful situations and all things to do with being held back in any way.

Today I feel as if I am surging ahead in so many ways…not only with my creativity , but with my garden and each of my hopes, goals and dreams. Perhaps some of the fear has been lifted and is continuing to lift along with this heavy energy.

It has been a long time in coming – but once the energy triggers are in place, things will begin to move up and out, to help push out the darkness that needs so much to be displaced. 

All that is left then…is to fill in the void with more of myself – what a lovely feeling that is!


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.