April Danann



It has always been NOW, but never more NOW, then now....


Today has been another wonderful day of sunshine!! Love this weather – it’s still not that warm however, but oh well, at least I can see the sun in the sky and that means a lot after (how many years has it been???) and no, it’s not even funny anymore…

So, that’s the weather sorted. It will be a glorious summer with heat and sunshine for all. Well, at least for those who want it. If someone wants rain – they are welcome to it, we can send all rain your way for the next few months. 


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was actually that easy to shift the weather around the planet to wherever it is needed….imagine! How balanced and restorative that would be for the earth, not to mention those of us who live here.

There would still be seasons – cold, wet, dry, dark and light – just in the appropriate amounts. But, the world and her peoples would finally be working together in a harmonic wave of higher consciousness. 

Of course, this is exactly what is coming our way. If the weather is changing (and it is), if the earth is gearing up for upheaval (and it is) if people are sensing something new on the horizon (and they are) it’s only because it is about time.

This time we are living in, right now (it has always been now, but never more NOW then now, if you know what I mean) this is IT. This is the time we have been waiting for, the time that has been talked about, written about and worried over. 

The change is well upon us – and so many of us are blessed to be here, to bear witness to this shift in our reality and to be a part of something greater then ourselves (yet, it lives within and IS who we are).

If you have been sitting on a fence, waiting for things to change in your life, hoping and wishing things might be different or better… Well, now is the time to stand up, get on one side or the other and start moving.

There is no time like NOW.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.