April Danann



Parasites of the Energy Field - Energy Vampires Again


My dreams are starting to reveal more and more – it’s as if they are catching up with my current dimension or reality. And they are very interesting to say the least…giving me lots to think about and consider during my waking hours.

I have been dreaming several dreams a night for many years – I think the discipline of writing them down for over a decade helped me to sift and sort through them as I was taught more about my dream world by my body’s intuition.


Today being day 4 of my fast, I have shifted into detox mode and feel quite good. I am also into my usual routine of sorting, clearing, cleaning and a little cooking. I really enjoy this time because of this increased energy and focus.

One of the things I have been talking and writing about over the last few weeks since my parasite cleanse (Mother of ALL cleanses might I add) is how my gut is coming back up, life is coming back to parts of my digestive tract where it had been lost.

And I am watching in absolute awe of all my body can do. But also, I am amazed by the damage done by these monster parasites, which were there for most likely decades. When the parasites were present – no life was growing around them.

Almost makes me think of them in terms of emitting poison or something toxic (most likely) stopping normal gut organisms from taking hold in the vicinity of these vampires. But what else was probably happening is that there wasn’t anything left over for the ordinary bacteria to eat!

Talk about energy vampires – this is exactly what takes place in our energy field as well. Remember – as above, so below – if we have parasite (and we all do) then, we also have energetic, spiritual and emotional drains on our body, mind and souls. Each dimension is an exact mirror image of the other.

Of course this is what I do in my work as a Medical Intuitive – draw out a map of the body, mind and spirit to see what is taking place on these dimensions (to understand why this is happening). Then relate it back to the physical reality we are walking and living here on the ground.

Right now – spring time – is a fantastic time to do some general clean up of our bodies and along with that reap the benefits in the rest of our lives. Detoxing your body will eliminate some of these Energy Vampires….


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.