April Danann



Energetic Clearing - Fasting with a Purpose 


I am now on day 3 of my little detox and I am starting to get settled into it – what is nice about this time around is that we already have been through a water fast and know full well what to expect or do we...

Not that any two of these are alike! For as many fasts, detoxes and cleanses as I have done over the years, there is no common theme or pattern or even much of a similarity between them.


For the most part, the first 2 or 3 days are an adjustment period (shifting into what I refer to as detox mode) then, after that – anything goes. You will experience detox symptoms (everyone is different) and stuff (issues, emotions, energies) will come up to the surface.

What you do about all of this is totally up to you. However the entire point of doing a cleanse is to access long hidden/buried/forgotten/lost pieces of our selves. We are making room for them to come back by clearing out what doesn’t belong.

My fasting days often bring loads of dreams – and each night is quite an adventure. These dreams are a vital and important part of the process because we are working through things during the day, but into other dimensions of ourselves at night…..

Doing the same kind of work during the nighttime hours, but on the shadow dimensions. It’s like a continual process of unhooking from whatever it is that has held us back in life. Clearing on a physical level enables us to reach up into other aspects of our beings such as spiritual and energetic. 

For anyone walking a spiritual path, this is important, necessary and vital work. You cannot become a conscious person while living in a toxic wasteland. The denser physical tissues must be cleaned up – only then, when you are safe, will your destiny be revealed.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.