April Danann



Releasing Energy Goes Both Ways - Let Go & Be Let Go Of


The energy today is mixed – perhaps a bit like the weather in some ways, but also very much connected to how we feel about ourselves right now – uncertain, insecure and a little wobbly on our feet.

What is more – I don’t think these emotions, senses or feelings are even ours. This sounds very much like those who are in positions of power. Think about it – the front they present is one of certainty about what they are planning on doing (or not doing).


However….I am pretty sure behind the smile is a worry that this time they have gone too far. Because what happens when an entire group reaches their breaking point  – well, that’s anybody’s guess. Or perhaps we are already seeing those seedlings of discontent grow in the spring sunshine.

Inside of our bodies it is no different – it’s an exact mirror. Something else is sitting in the seat of power and it’s not us. We are capable of so much more then we think or are told we can do. 

In fact, our power, ability and divinity is what has been harnessed and held onto by these energy vampires who are busy feeding off our life essence. Think about all they get from those of us who ‘feel’ we are powerless…

Lots to think about for me today – energy patterns coming up and hopefully ready to be broken and then surge forward in so many ways. This fast is moving me right along my path….

Today I am on day 5 of my fast and still feeling pretty good – some detox symptoms, but as I mentioned when I did my 30 days parasite cleanse, they are very mild when doing a water cleanse. I have been drinking lots of tea (my own blends) with nettle and a few other herbs for my energy field and I can see how deeply it is working.

Being spring I am also out collecting the first nettle, dandelions and other roots and shoots coming up through the warming earth. This is one of my favourite times of the year for that very reason.

I get to work with these lovely plants – cooking with them, drying some for my teas and making some preserves to be enjoyed in the coming months.  I don’t for a minute discount how powerful they are – use them in your cleanse/detox/fast and they will move you to higher ground.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.