April Danann



Reconnecting to Our Energy Sources...Deep Within


I am marveling at my energy these days – there are dips and surges (could be part of this detox) which might come up on me so quickly….it is amazing. I can’t help but notice they are part of an overall energy pattern here.

Throughout my life I have had fairly good energy – but I would push myself most days. Things got done – but only because I was so determined. Not because I had so much (an abundance) energy – I always put it down to glandular fever I had at 19.


This sort of energy highs and lows lasted until I completely changed my diet and got eating properly while healing my body. However – even though there was more energy it was of a different kind that I had not experienced before.

It was the energy of mind – or a presence of mind, an ability to focus that wasn’t there before in my life in such a great measure. This new-found energy helped me to keep going through raising young children and going to school as well as a dozen other things I always seem to have on the go….

Now after doing a few detoxes, I am certain I have arrived at some deeper level of my inner core – and have found another different type of energy once again. This one is more of a creative energy and I finally feel as if I am connected to a Universal magic on a new dimension.

In lots of ways I have always been aware of this pathway and have loved everything to do with our innate human power and abilities. Right now with these cleanses I feel even more settled in myself – something has shifted for me.

And I am delighted with it. It’s lovely to feel, see and sense change on a profound level – keeps us moving forward and encouraged while we walk this path. And on day 7 of my fast - I am still feeling well but looking forward to all the good food to follow.

I don't have too many symptoms except I am going through a stage of not sleeping deeply after 3 days of very deep rest. The highs and lows of any cleanse I am sure! 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.