April Danann



Pure Magical Alignment - It's About Time


I am now on day 8 of my detox and steadily marching towards my goals. I always keep myself busy during these days of fasting and this week has been no different. Right now I feels as if I have quite a few ‘projects’ on the go!

To keep ourselves busy is a blessing for the most part. But, being busy with a purpose is something altogether different again. I know so many people who keep going while doing absolutely nothing worthwhile. 


I used to be there at one time. Then I gave up television, radio and most newspapers and stopped wasting my time with those useless noise machines. However, come to think of it, I probably stopped wasting my mind more then anything else.

Ever since (it’s been a long time) I seem to have time for everything I want to accomplish. No matter what I set out to do (unless it is part of an energy block) I certainly have time to do it or can find the time....

And what is more I can 'make' the time. If time is energy, our bodies generate our own energy from deep inside our cells, in the same way any other type of energy is created.

Our time then becomes unique to us – like a signature all our own and to be used for our own pursuits – following our dreams and passions is always best. Because, this is when a pure magical alignment takes place.

And the only way for it to play out within our lives in a productive manner is to have control of our time – to not let it be taken away from us or wasted. 

When I think of each of the many ways we are encouraged to fritter away our time – well, it’s no wonder we feel drained and unwell. An energy source is being sucked out of our bodies and used by something or someone else. 

It’s ‘time’ to take back our lives.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.