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Unity in Soul - Ushering in the Solstice 

I have finished my fast – we stopped after 20 days, it was long enough and we were ready! LOL

But, seriously, we felt we broke through to the other side of something….into a higher level of this path we have been walking and seeking. So, now is the time to re-build, recover our selves, enjoy the season and eat some wonderful food.

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Spiritual Disease… What to Do When Your Soul Hurts

These days, more then ever we are seeing an epidemic of spiritual based disorders…is this anything new? – not at all. We are only seeing what has been slowly rising to the surface over these past few decades as the human race as been pushed to the spiritual brink.

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Exercise as Energy Medicine

For anyone who knows me, it's no secret how much I love exercise - my one complaint would be I never make the time to do more. I have always been active, even when my diet and my life were not great and certainly during the times I have been unwell.

Intuitively my body constantly relays to me how vital it is that I move each day - in fact my body has long been informing me of the need to be physically active at least twice if not three times a day. In keeping with the natural rhythms of the our bodies...

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Magic - Walking Towards the Light

As an Intuitive I am always looking for the connection between our physical reality (food, flesh and blood) and these other worlds (energetic, emotional and spiritual realms). They are not mutually exclusive from each other – nor should they be – many of us walk in other worlds as writers and dreamers.

Once a link has been established, between these dimensions – information exchange, healing and real living can begin. We are multi-dimensional beings for a reason, with access to sources of energy potential, such as magic. 

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Part II - Life of a Writer - Staying Sane

In part one, I talked about the physical aspects of working (writing) from home and how it can be a challenge to get motivated to move your ‘butt’, once in a comfortable position and the ideas are flowing. So, yes, there is a way to stay active, healthy and fit. But that’s not the entire picture – there is more….

Another major issue with writing at home is the isolation and time spent on our own without the company of other adults or even adult conversation especially for those of us with small children. Feeling disconnected from living can be an issue for some, requiring a period of adjustment in the beginning. 

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Writing from Home - You don't have to be an Unhealthy Author

There are a lot of us writing or working from home – a job which requires far too much sitting around, leaving us in a bit of a tight spot when it comes to staying healthy. Sitting for long periods of time is not the best way to work, however, fortunately for us we can find ways to stay active.

Actually I love to exercise, but it’s not always easy when I am busy homeschooling, writing, looking after animals and maintaining a house and garden. I thought the best way to start this was to let you in on what I do and how I’ve organized my day.

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