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Beyond the Fear.... Embracing the Divine Feminine 

Fear….the final frontier – where no woman has gone before….well, at least not in our lifetime. What most of us as women (and human beings) will be dealing with in the coming few decades is the new feminine rising.

Or…the Feminine Christ…the Divine Feminine.....the higher consciousness of earth – the female faces of god (goddess). I don’t often talk about this subject or even write about it…mostly because I really don’t know what to say (strange for me! LOL).

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Spiritual Bullying - Cleaning Up, Inside & Out 

I don’t eat anything from the Deadly Nightshade family….they are the forbidden fruit mentioned in the spiritual literature and carry the energy of death. In case you are not sure which fruits these are – they are part of the tobacco family and include potato, tomato, aubergine, peppers, chillies, gogi berries, cape gooseberries and of course death itself – tobacco.

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Spiritual Insecurity - It's a Big Club

A fairly interesting phenomenon occurs whenever a group of similar minded people are gathered together – a form of spiritual one-upmanship. I’m doing, thinking, being, walking, talking – far more spiritual 'talk' then you.  

This ‘I’m more spiritual than you are’ thinking (as if living this way is a competitive sport) has become so commonplace – it is the accepted norm in the industry. If you can talk it, you don’t necessarily have to walk it. 

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Is It Really 'Self' Sabotage...?

This past week I have been thinking a lot about the concept of self sabotage….remembering years ago how I would incessantly blame myself for my weak will, my lack of focus and inability to stay the course (any course) I set for myself.

And that was it. I would quit, stop, change course – think something different and take another route. Ultimately, I would not get where I wanted to go, or follow through with my own plans. 

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Working Through An Energy Block - Finding the Positive 

Today has been a day of change (again!) not in a huge way…but just the subtle under currents have been shifting around. This of course will create major changes on the surface in due time.

One thing I have caught myself saying several times a day lately is “I don’t know’. Actually this is something new for me, mostly because I firmly believe that I do know, my body knows and the information comes up to the surface as I need it.

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Working Towards Something....Getting Your Energy Moving

Learning how to pay attention to what is important or even what is happening around us is one of life’s vital lessons. Of course so is patience and listening…perhaps these are all linked in some way?

I often say to people, if you want to know what is happening with you – watch your children, look at your family, your relationships and the people you see on a regular basis. But, don’t overlook your pets and the area (garden) surrounding you as well.

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