April Danann



Working Through An Energy Block - Finding the Positive 


Today has been a day of change (again!) not in a huge way…but just the subtle under currents have been shifting around. This of course will create major changes on the surface in due time.

One thing I have caught myself saying several times a day lately is “I don’t know’. Actually this is something new for me, mostly because I firmly believe that I do know, my body knows and the information comes up to the surface as I need it.


Of course this is coming in from somewhere else and is in the energy around me. I have been working away at this block it has created in my energy field (it’s been there for lifetimes) and my body and come up with some interesting things.

First of all – as this block shrinks a lot of old ideas, interests and dreams have come flooding back in to fill the gaps. Some of these wishes and hopes I have long since given up on or thought I could take them no further.

Another surprising element of removing this block is finding out how much it has affected my mind and therefore my thinking. This one particular block has very much been at the core of all my frustrations over the years, especially interfering with my work (we are what we think).

And it has revolved around one person (I was bullied as a child and even as an adult by this person) who has been a constant reminder of just how unsafe and open I was in my energy field.

Now that I am loosening these chains and finding the way forward, I not only feel like a new person…it sort of seems as if I am something different from what I had thought I was (does that make sense?) or only had glimpses of.

And yet, it’s not as if I don’t know myself….I guess what has been coming up to the surface are things I thought about, but dared not dream about. Parts of me buried so deeply, even I had forgotten they were there.

In a way that is the most positive thing I can say about the situation of being bullied – you learn to hide and store away all that is precious to you….once it is safe, it’s like a treasure chest has opened….

An unexpected bonus! 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.