April Danann



Making Room for the Light 


For so many years I have prepared for this moment – and certainly over the last decade or so, I have carefully chosen my food and made the necessary changes to my lifestyle as I healed my body. And, right now I feel deep down as if my defences are finally rising and coming into their own.

All of this work has been done on myself (body, mind and soul), in order to be strong, healthy and to have a functioning immune system not to mention all the other side benefits of mind and body connection. 


So, why might this be so important you might ask? Good question! First of all, I realized quite some time ago, that our collective immune function (on the earth) was pretty near zero. We have subjected ourselves to so much in such a short period of time, our bodies have been struggling to keep up.

These toxins have done nearly everything imaginable to bring us down and then keep us down. 

One thing I have known in my bones for all of my life (I am an Intuitve!LOL) is that there are viruses coming….we (the inhabitants of earth) will have to face something horrific once again. 

I say again because throughout our recent history we have been devastated by several plagues, rampant bacteria (TB) as well as flu viruses that have brought millions of people into dark places and kept them there. 

We need to be in working order (starting with our physical body) – or else we won’t be able to cope with these nasty bugs. And no, a vaccine won’t do….we can’t keep heaping toxins on top of toxins and wait for health to magically appear.

Where to start with giving your body and immune system a boost right now? Perhaps remove the top three toxins in your diet (look at your ‘addictions’) and find a source of clean, untreated drinking water….

However, whenever anyone asks me what is my absolute top recommendation for health (on all levels and dimensions) – I can only think of one group of toxins that must go….and that is the Deadly Nightshade (potato, tomato, aubergine, peppers, chillies, gogi berries etc.) family.

These carry the energy of death….and are completely contradictory to health, healing and any form of spiritual life. I have been Night Shade free now for several years...during which time my spirit has healed and lifted in new ways and places. 

When walking the spiritual path, all energy must be considered and none is more important then the energy of our food. Perhaps it's time to remove a little darkness, to make room for the light....


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.