April Danann



Standing in the Light


Today I am fasting again and it feels right – especially with this lovely weather we have been having. It’s still not overly warm, but there is a sun in the sky and it is wonderful to feel the light all around.

It’s also great to watch how quickly the earth responds to this abundance (there’s that word!) of light. And of course, we must also be responding on the inside as well as the outside to these wonderful rays.

april-danann-Goat-with-3 kids.jpg

Not only do I always think of ‘life-giving’ when I think of the sun….these days I can actually sense my body’s internal changes when there is light. I can see how important those words were in the bible….

“Let there be light”….we really can’t live (in any sense of the word) without this light. It is more then just about the heat (which is a side bonus) for me it has come to mean growing my internal spiritual garden as well.

Perhaps we take so much of the magnificence around us for granted….just for today I am pondering this light and really appreciating all that it means for my body, mind and spirit. 

One thing I do notice is how the animals around us are all so much more relaxed…perhaps because we are.

Or are they busy growing and appreciating the sunshine as well?

We are all tired of the rain, but don’t often think of how the little goats also love to be out in the fields and not slipping around in the mud. The ducks and geese on the other hand love the rain…but they are in their own world! LOL

Enjoy the sun Ireland, we deserve it! 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.