April Danann



Working Towards Something....Getting Your Energy Moving


Learning how to pay attention to what is important or even what is happening around us is one of life’s vital lessons. Of course so is patience and listening…perhaps these are all linked in some way?

I often say to people, if you want to know what is happening with you – watch your children, look at your family, your relationships and the people you see on a regular basis. But, don’t overlook your pets and the area (garden) surrounding you as well. 


In other words pay attention to your energy field. This is the cloud of energy that is generated and moving (for the most part) around your body. When some part of this energy field is not working in any way….then we are stuck.

Feeling and being stuck is one of the worst things known to our humanity. Our energy becomes stagnant, chronic conditions will develop, anxiety and frustration levels rise and we fail to thrive. 

This failure to thrive has got to be the worst experience for us as spiritual beings. Mostly because we know things could be much better, we are more then capable of creating and generating change.

Yet, when this change doesn’t happen – and it carries on day after day, year after year….we run the risk of giving up or worse. Giving in.

So, what to do about all of this I’msostuckIcouldcry business…it certainly appears as if a whole lot of us are in the same boat…well, we could begin by rocking that boat.

Do a few things you have never done before. Be like a tree; aim for the sky, go out on a limb, branch out and grow towards the light. Whatever your circumstances are, there is always a way forward…..

However, this way might be blocked (as in your energy field) but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do. To remove energy blocks – get your physical body moving, open your mind by doing something new, nourish your spirit with nature and make some changes to your normal routine.

It does take time, work and effort….but it’s far better to be working towards something, then to sit there in the same place doing nothing.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.