April Danann



Re-Membering Our Spiritual Genes


It’s been a busy couple of days since we broke our fast – quite interesting and a bit of an eye opener actually.

When I am fasting, detoxing, cleansing and otherwise focused on each moment – I really do live or experience things differently.

It's as if there is an intensity to my senses which lends itself to my activities throughout the day. When I am fasting I am aware of the layers and threads of my life, my thoughts and energy field.


However, that all shifts once I am back onto the food days – into being far more aware of overall life-long patterns – such as what is breaking apart and what is coming back together in the days following my detox. 

It can seem as different as night and day in some respects, but over the long term 'it' (this work) is just about getting to know my body through water and food. Or in terms of the affects of the earth energies contained in each of these nutrients, on me and the body’s physical tissues.

In the beginning days after a detox, I really miss that one aspect of cleansing – clarity of mind or at least thought I did (LOL). Now I just realize I still have clarity of mind and perhaps far more of it when I am eating and my tummy is full of digesting food – it is just in a totally different dimension. 

To be honest, the most important thing I have learned over the years walking and talking and living the spiritual path, is the more you pay attention, listen to your body and work with it in a kind, gentle, disciplined way – the more present you are.

That in itself is not profound. What is profound about all of this is how fasting, eating the right kinds of foods and following the path of the seasons around the sun awakens an ancient time line deep inside of our DNA.

A life-line or lineage of human spiritual genes that must be re-membered to be experienced. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.