April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



The Spark of Life Moves From Cell to Cell Like Pixie Dust 


The end of another fast – what a feeling to reach the appointed day and time – it’s like crossing a finish line. With as many struggles, hills and valleys as any runner might encounter.

But, it’s always worth it. At least it seems to be so far, a few hours into it. We have many happy memories now of these mini celebrations we hold at the end of each of our detoxes, fasts and cleanses.


Of course, it’s officially called ‘juice day’ because that’s what we drink as our tummies adjust back to normal solid foods again – however, even those juices are really something special.

I make my own and we have a few favourites – for me, there is nothing quite like your own cooking, your own home, your own family, your own familiarity – and indeed your own energy.

This last cleanse for me seems to have been all about calling back to me a lot more of my own energy then ever before. Perhaps I had reached some sort of a milestone along this spiritual path or something along those lines (the space was finally opened).

But I think it very much has to do with raising the vibration of our tissues (cellular vibration) and the only way to do that is through clearing, cleansing, detoxing – then eating healthy wholesome food.

Raising consciousness is a physical process of awakening. Our entire body must wake up to the new frequency – while that spark of life moves from cell to cell like pixie dust. 

What turned me on to food many years ago was the fact I kept seeing people who when energy deficient – had a very low cellular vibration. Of course the best way to reverse this situation is through nutrition and healthy eating and detoxing, energy work, exercise (the list goes on!).

You must be working towards your goal and walking this path on every level – body, mind and soul. And living food is very much a part of that journey. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.