April Danann



Cycles of Renewal 


Each and every day our bodies are put through their paces when it comes to maintaining our best health. For a lot of us – we are not even close to that goal and perhaps never have been which is a sad fact of life these days. 

For the most part, we are born into toxicity and then swim in it throughout our lives until it completely engulfs our humanity. It’s difficult to be healthy and remain so in such an environment (created by us and growing by the day!) of polluted water, rubbish food and emotional dysfunction.

However, I have often wondered about the concept of health – most people would say it is simply the absence of disease and of course they are right. Yet, I know many people who are not sick – but seem so unhealthy to me.

Or at least are unhealthy to be around on so many levels. There may be other dysfunctions in parts of their beings such as emotional toxicity, spiritual loss and energetic damage that would contribute to a state of lack. These energy leaks, which have yet to register on the physical level, are usually present as very low chronic level inflammation.  But are bubbling away, spewing out darkness, under the radar, so to speak. 

What I have found within myself as well as when working with others is how we should not and do not have to live our lives this way. It is not a natural condition of our physical bodies to create illness and disease.

In fact just the opposite should be the case. Our cellular structure is designed to repair and replenish itself in a continuous cycle of renewal – until our ‘time’ comes to an appropriate end. Perhaps what that end might be - is again up to us as well. 

A gradual decline into unbalance, dysfunction and toxicity should never be the terms of aging or even part of the definition. We are capable of so much more then we realize – both within and without. 

Remembering who we are appears to be the most difficult part of this journey and not the walking or talking....


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.