April Danann



Rooting Out Negative Energy


I feel as if I am on the other side of something huge – a part of my attention and focus was being pulled in an unhelpful direction. Over the last few hours I was able to root out the negative energy and now feel back to myself in every way.

It’s funny you know – how easily something can get in (or perhaps it was there all along and it came up to the surface to be released). Even when we feel we are well defended, perhaps we are not.


Whenever there is an open door, unwanted entities can walk straight in. Whenever there is an energy leak or a hole of some kind – we can draw towards us energies or anything else that doesn’t belong.

And what is even more interesting is how – an energy might belong somewhere else and decide to move into a space or place it should not be in. Any open area, vacant lot or emptiness can and will be filled – by something.

If a vacuum is created in some way inside of your body – the natural inclination of the Universe is to fill it.

However, the earth is teaming right now with so much and so many (too many open doors) your own body hardly gets a chance to heal naturally or fill in the energy with it’s own self.

So, how did we get so open? For the most part this is very simple – any situation that creates fear (poor diet, medication, antibiotics, poison water, lack of exercise, broken spirit) will cause our energy fields to leak energy. 

Any form of toxin (even toxic emotions) can gain a foothold in our bodies, if that doesn’t belong to us, or should not be there, it will cause a slow down in the energy field (an energy block) It also invites other toxins to join it and these toxins gather together to create an acidic environment. 

This might then lead to various types of disease states or dysfunction. So why is all of this taking place?

Our bodies are not healing as long as we expect medication to do the work for us. All medication will do is push down the symptoms of a larger problem, which will then re-surface as something else, somewhere else.

Unless you start at the beginning, heal your gut (naturally) re-build your immune system and then allow food, clean water and exercise to be your medicine….

Well, the cycle just keeps on going. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.