April Danann



Dark Clouds of Energy ....Breaking Through


I feel far more back to myself today – the dark clouds of energy have been breaking up at a steady pace (any energy that doesn’t belong to us, slows us down in some way and will fester if it hangs around long enough) perhaps because I am doing more exercise and outside a bit more.

Today I am seeing the reports of how cold the month of March was – the only problem with that is, it’s not over yet. We are still in the pattern of cooler temperatures then normal….and I keep wondering what this is telling us.


When I was young, colder weather was always looked at as being refreshing and a healthy, natural way to kill off winter viruses, bugs and keep our body in balance. I think this still holds true for us now and perhaps we are being spared some heavy hitting bugs floating around this winter.

Or, maybe it is something else entirely. What if this cold weather is a direct result of dark and evil forces rising up from terra firma (releasing into the atmosphere) to be sent back their way….however they are not leaving quietly.

Hmmmm. Perhaps it is both. These nasty viruses and bugs are the dark evil forces – they are rising up to go back where they came from, however there is such a resistance on their parts. They are bent on causing some level of destruction and looking for a way back in. 

So, what to do about all of this? Perhaps it’s time to treat these nasties for what they are….energy vampires will be killed off in the presence of garlic, exercise, oxygen, many herbs, higher vibration food and water (homemade, toxin free) and love of course.

This is always the prescription for healthy living and holds true for nearly everything else as well. When we are clearing or need to clear out our energy fields, positive changes in our routines, increasing exercise, mantras and targeting the energy block directly will all benefit in some way.

Today – take one area of your life that feels stuck. Focus on changing it through diet, exercise, mantras (try a multiple approach) and see how you feel after even an hour. It is an uplifting feeling to be working at deliberately changing your own energy field……

This to me is the essence of healing and is what I have been doing in my own life for years. I would love to hear your own comments about any of this.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.