April Danann



Raising Your Vibration - One Cell at a Time


This has been a strange couple of days – not really feeling much like myself, but have been too busy to stop and have a think about exactly what is happening. Right now I am making myself take the time to tune in and get my feet back on the ground....

I love any feast or celebration – this week we have had a couple of them which means I have been baking and cooking all week. But, in that work I have also been processing some pretty deep and dark energies - keeping busy is often the best way through it. 


For the most part, I have been really focused on getting my life back – inside and out. For me, this means, I have been paying careful attention to how this is taking place, especially in my gut. I have been working towards this end for quite some time and it is really great to feel more alive.

Of course along with feeling more alive comes other new sensations of new found consciousness – it’s like an awakening of a different sort. Rather then the mind awakening more deeply, this is now a physical awakening.

I have long known and explained in my books and classes how when you are raising your consciousness, your body leaves no stone unturned. All of you -- each and every part of your body must be in alignment with this process or it doesn’t happen as it should.

That means even the bacteria in your gut will wake up, become aware and in all ways work with you on a conscious level. Every part of your body must be part of this change in vibration – all cells, tissues, organs.

So, piece by piece your body is cleared, cleansed, detoxed while the heavy stagnant energy is lifted off, broken down and transformed. Your body must become your own again and that takes work. This is the specific work of the spiritual path. To clear the way inside and out for higher levels of consciousness. Your body is not a temple until you make it so. It is not a whole and healthy place in the same way – this all takes effort.

And the way you eat is a vital part of choosing to live a spiritual life. Your food is who you are – it works equally at keeping body, mind and soul together – make it count. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.