April Danann



This Wave of Energy is POSITIVE 


Today has been one of those days - the sun was shining and the energy has been flowing. But it all feels so weird and I have been trying to figure out why. Perhaps it's because I just never took the time to sit down and work it out...

Or to stand up and work it out, either.  Actually, I have been working away all day at not paying that much attention to some deeper issues that have been coming up to the surface. Each of them have been threads leading back to the wider issue of negativity.


So, this is all still coming up to the surface for me and I am delighted. But also a little overwhelmed too. I never imagined how deeply I am affected by the negative reactions of others .... especially now. After all the work I have done around this and other issues.

Yet, when someone is negative (usually this is an a very subtle way) I back down or worse....I give up. And - these last few times, I never even realised it! Someone said - no, it can't be done (that way or something) and I actually listened to them....

Only today I realised it and gave my head a shake. Since when have I let someone else's limitations guide my journey... Not ever - and certainly not right now, this is such an important time in my life.

I would suggest to everyone - if you have been told a 'no' in your life around anything, something you would really like to do or accomplish - go back and visit it again. Re-evaluate the situation and figure out where this has come from....

There are few outright negatives in the Universe - it is absolutely full to bursting with possibilities - that's the way life is, the way we are and the only way forward....firmly leaning towards the positive end of the spectrum.

Taking us with it into this wave of creative energy.....


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.