April Danann



Energy Medicine in Action.... 


Today has been interesting already and it's only early. First of all I woke up with a headache - which in itself is very unusual for me. But, it has brought me back to years ago when it was the most common thing in the world....

I remember I couldn't stand for anyone to even mention the word 'headache' because I would then get one. And I had migraines that would last for days and weeks. The longest one was for a full solid month - it was the worst I have ever had.

Snow 21 Jan 2013 Leap .jpg

The irony is even back then, I knew to not take anything for these headaches. First of all, nothing worked to clear it and secondly, I knew it was mainly energetic. Something needed to come up and clear out of my system.

As an intuitive I was also very often taking something on that was not mine - head pain invariably was related to resistance of some kind or another and could only be worked out of my system by way of detoxing, cleansing and pure clear water.

Any energy form - that doesn't belong to us, causes some level of discomfort within our systems. It needs to be removed through exercise, diet, detox and energetic means - or else it can and will fester. There is often nothing worse then a festering mass of invasive energy....

So, back to today - there is something I have taken on that is acting as a resistance in my system - causing discomfort and pain. It is working it's way up and out - how do I know that? Well....because I am pushing it out.

Today I have done an intensive Yoga session, taken a few cloves of garlic to strengthen my immune system (fight what doesn't belong), drank lots of water and have been Closing Energy Leaks© to get my energy moving...

It is working because I have can feel it moving and my body responding to change. Energy Medicine in action!


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.