April Danann
Thought Leader in Health Potential



The Voices in Our Heads....


Today is another fairly good day - I can sense and feel change all around me. I know it is leading in the right direction because I am directing it with my every thought, exercise, diet, fasting and each of these little things I do throughout my day.

Actually it's kind of a nice feeling - to have the power within our own lives - to finally feel as if we are somehow the master of our own fate. One thing that has been coming up repeatedly for me over these past few days is my intuition.


And that is one of the most important ways that I know I am off and running (and not down a blind alley) with all the areas in my life I have been working on for so long. Our intuitions are so much more than an inner voice....

And it's not always a voice in our heads. Although I do have those (shhh!), but it's more of a body sense, an inner knowing - it can be a word that just pops up into our awareness, and even a voice, but a very gentle subtle one. 

Our bodies use all of our abilities and capacity for communication. If one area is blocked, it can and will be taken over by something a bit sinister (or very dark indeed) this is the overmind I refer to from time to time. 

Our mission (should we choose to accept) is to overcome the over mind - it is attached right down into our nervous systems and this is quite a task - oh, but it's worth it! Can you imagine being in tune with nature to such an extant as to hear her breathe and whisper your name?

So, I like to think of these intuitive senses as a built in guidance system - sort of like the sat nav in a car (I would never have one, however...) we also have an inner map that shows us where to go. And most importantly - how to get 'where' we need to go.

What is required of us - on a daily basis - is to practice trust, faith, discernment - I would never say to stop questioning because this is all part of learning what you are listening to. Mainly because there are many voices which have overlaid our own.

Our intuition will sound nothing like those other voices - our body will not be confused or distracted by it and somehow things will fall into place because of our paying attention. When we are tuned into our bodies - our minds and spirits tend to align with purpose and life becomes more meaningful.

This is important work to be doing and it's worth the effort we are expected to put into it.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.