April Danann



Source of The Energy Field


Well, another busy day - however even as I say that, it has been a very quiet and reflective day too. I feel as if I have a lot on my mind - as if I am processing something very deep, but it's only being pulled up bit by bit.

Of course this is to be expected on any detox - the entire point is to get into the tissues, cells and organs as deeply as possible to break up the debris that has been floating around for ages. Every particle of these toxins are also related to some emotional, energetic and spiritual pattern as well. 

Right now I feel as if this cleanse will be far more about energy - an energetic detox as opposed to only on these other plains. Perhaps that is why my energy has been dipping more this time around then at other times, but only at certain points of the day.

Today is also the first day that I can say I have a few detox symptoms as well. My tongue is coated, my joints are a bit achy, my dreams are all night long, and my hair is growing very quickly! This is all as per usual anytime I have done a detox, so we'll see if something new arises.

I am actually very curious to see how this pans out - an energetic detox is something I have needed for a long time. Our energy fields are like a buffer zone around our bodies, but even more then that, they are also a conduit for communication.

The source of our energy field is perhaps the most important aspect here - it emanates outwards from our nervous systems - and with so many neurotoxins (Night Shades, medications, aspartame, MSG, fluoride etc.) being ingested, these fields are easily damaged.

Most of the damage I would see in people is usually at the back of the body - perhaps this is because the spine is the nerve centre in some respects, but nerves travel throughout the area and it appears to be a little more vulnerable. 

One of the best ways to protect your energy field is to eliminate these neurotoxins from your diet and to use herbs. I have found them to be wonderfully supportive and very protective over the years - mostly because they provide the space to heal.

Your energy field is no different then any other part of your body - it can be damaged, broken, stolen, accessed, and blocked. Perhaps it's time to do a little detox....


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.