April Danann



You Are Creating The Future Today 


Another day - they come and go so quickly for me, I am sure they do for everyone else as well. Time appears to be moving at a new speed - perhaps it has speeded up, for those of us walking the path, this is a bit of a blessing!

Right now I am tired after all day - I've been reorganising the kitchen - which seems to be my favourite past time whenever I am thinking and digging deeper into things. I just tend to keep myself quite busy and allow things to come up gently.


So - what has been coming up for me this time around? Lots, most of it is the same old stuff, however, there are new connections to these patterns that I have never figured out before. And if you are anything like me....

You are sick and tired of these same 'issues' coming up - cycling around over and over again throughout the years. I am so pleased they are finally at the end of their life and breaking open to be replaced with something far healthier.

Nothing has worked so well for me like this combination of food, fast and feast and of course exercise, Closing the Energy Leaks and just getting on with it. It feels like my life has more meaning, I am more present and I know I am on the track I need to be on.

And that is one area I have been pondering over these last few days as well. This path we are walking - it is grueling, and not something to take on if you are uncertain of letting go of everything you believe in - to have it altered, changed and given back to you in a higher vibrational form.

After all, you are creating the future today - so each moment is important and has potential....

What any of this work is about is raising our cellular vibration - or simply clearing our bodies out so the light inside can shine through. Any language we use to describe this process will be appropriate - however, it is work that must be done.

There is no time like right now, is there? 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.