April Danann



Journey to the Centre of the Earth.... 


Today is my first day back doing a cleanse - and I feel pretty good. I also have a great theme this time around too - and last night dreamt all about it. Of course it is along the lines of another blocked area of my life/body - which is where our focus should be.

The easiest and best way to approach each detox is to seek a reconnection with your life and body. Our bodies are amazing mechanisms for showing us exactly where the work is to be done. If some area is tight, stiff or inflamed - you can be fairly certain there is a corresponding area in your life with the exact same symptoms.


I often say if your body is not working inside - your life is not working outside. 

The best (and easiest) way to fix, heal and change this situation - in a shorter period of time and with concentrated effort is to do a cleanse for a few days and see where it takes you. Of course while you are clearing out your body of toxins and debris it is also a great idea to exercise.

This daily bout of exercise works together with the cleanse to open up systems, organs and tissues as the body reduces it's toxic load. I cannot stress this enough - once these tissues are clearing, you need to get back in there and reclaim the area, through regular exercise.

Your body is not any different then anything else in this life - if you have left the building or are not using some aspect of yourself, someone or something else will come in and take over. Unfortunately this is not unusual and we all have pockets of stagnant energy in our bodies.

Right now my plan is to clear out another deeper level of my body - carrying on from my last detox which accomplished so much. This is a bit like a journey to the centre of the earth! LOL However, you never know what you might find on your way and it certainly will be exciting....

I am on my way


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.