April Danann



Going For It - Winter Detox Day 2 


Today is my second day of this winter detox....and I am already thinking (and knowing) this one will be different. It needs to be. So, I am mixing things up a bit and using different herbs - a lot more of them as well as cutting back on the maple syrup.

Usually during the first 3 days I don't take in much of anything. It is just nice to let my body settle as it adjusts to detox mode. But I often feel huge resistance inside of myself to drinking the herbal teas - once I got started on them, it was fine.


Getting started was always the hardest part - and this resistance was coming directly from those organisms I was targeting with the teas. I have been through this a few times before - so it's nice to know the routine. 

I would also begin making the 'detox tea' with the maple syrup on day 2 or day 3 - and my body would just do the rest. However, I wanted to go deeper this time and that means changing the routine. And I feel better about it already!

As well as making changes to the herbs and detox tea, I am also increasing my Yoga practice again - I always find I have more energy to burn off, so why not do that with some Yoga. Perhaps I will even look around for some different types of practices or approaches to see what interests me.

Like I said - this one needs to be quite different - it's as if I am in the middle of a huge new learning curve with my body (and mind) leading the way. And I have a sense this time, it's all about unblocking some part of my brain....

The last stronghold of toxins perhaps? I know when I reach the top of this mountain, the view will be different. This is going to be interesting. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.