April Danann



Energetic Integration - Reasons to Detox


Today has been one of those breakthrough days - or more like a series of mini aahhaa moments. And since this was this long overdue it has kept me busy... You know how it goes, or at least you should because when you are working towards something better, it's nice when the plan starts to come together.

But then there are (seemingly) those weeks, months and years when nothing much appears to be changing or even taking place. Yet, when we look back through the space of the time that has passed, we are certainly not in the same place.


The ground, where once we stood, has shifted (energy shift), moved and taken us with it and now we are (finally) standing some place altogether different and hopefully higher. This is the change we are seeking and most likely creating with the work we are consciously doing.

Of course this new ground may take some getting used to as well. Anyway....the most important thing I wanted to mention today is with any new place you may find yourself in, these changes or situations we have created - we need to detox each step of the way.

When we are walking a spiritual path, along the way we are supposed to be taking back lost, stolen or missing parts of ourselves. Once these pieces are back in place that is when the real work actually begins (the process of integration)...

Most people know this. However, there is one thing that can get overlooked - when something that was missing comes home, it is often dirty and in need of a good cleaning. Think in terms of losing some precious item on the ground.

Once it is found, it needs to be washed or detoxed just like any other part of you. This is the greatest reason for doing regular cleanses throughout the year as you walk your path. If this sounds like you...join me this week on my next detox.


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.