April Danann



Energy Patterns - Past & Present 


I have heard this several times lately - don't look back, just focus on what is ahead. Or, don't dwell on the past, it will pull you back into it. To be honest, I don't really agree with this logic. Mostly because if you ignore or forget about where you have come from, you will certainly end up making the exact same mistakes and more.

As a Medical Intuitive I am always looking for and reminding others to seek out the patterns in their lives. These are put down very early on (or in first life times) and then we will spend the rest of our time here either trying to rise above or break them.


So, one way or another we have to look back, go back or at least ponder from where we have come as we arrive at each new phase of our lives. I think of it as self reflection - you cannot move forward without examining the ties that bind us - to anything.

Our past should not be considered from the frame of mind of 'what's done is done'. Because what's done can be undone, changed and most certainly lifted up. Any part of us that has been taken up into a pattern can be unravelled - that's what working on ourselves ultimately is all about. 

Many times I have thought of this spiritual path as the great undoing. As if an ill fitting sweater has been knitted for us and we have to pull it apart stitch by stitch - but the work is not over then. Once things have come apart, they must then be knitted back together but in energetic patterns of our choosing. 

Looking back is not a chore or something to be worried about. It is part of what will move you forward. 


Originally published on The Pagan Diet blog.